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At this point, we are ready to do any necessary procedures.  That could include taking x-rays, extracting a tooth, removing a growth on the gingiva, or cleaning out a deep pocket next to a tooth.

This is our dental x-ray machine.  There is a digital sensor that sits inside the mouth, and the image of the x-ray is sent instantly to a computer.  There the doctor can look at the image.

This tooth needs to be extracted.  It has two separate roots coming out of it.  The first step is to divide the tooth into two pieces using the high speed handpiece.

Each piece of the tooth is then extracted.  A special tool called an elevator is used to slowly loosen the root in its socket so that it can be removed.  Sometimes a flap needs to be made in the gum line to help with removing the tooth.  This flap is then closed once the tooth is out and the socket has been cleaned and flushed.

After all procedures, a fluoride foam is applied.  The tracheal tube is removed once the patient is awake enough to swallow.  The patient then rests in their cage until they are awake enough to go home, which is usually late in the afternoon on the same day.